We are a technology company
striving to make transportation
effortless, convenient & reliable.

The synergy of transportation and technology makes us lively. PickMe was launched in June 2015 and has been growing rapidly within a short span and traversing on a continuous growth spree.

Our Story


Our brief history is the brief history of Sri Lanka’s transport sector being disrupted – for the commuter, for the driver, for the better.

It was June of 2014 and Zulfer Jiffry had resigned from his post as CTO at wow.lk, Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce player, and was itching for his next entrepreneurial journey. Collaborating with friends, Zulfer arrived at a glaring market opportunity: the transport sector in Sri Lanka was obsolete and required urgent disrupting. Technology was available and more technologically-mature markets had demonstrated how the transport-sector could be overhauled to meet the needs of modern citizens.

Zulfer and his friends spent a few months developing the prototype that would be ready to be presented to investors. The initial group of three investors were Ajit Gunewardene, Ruchi Gunewardene and Dinesh Rodrigo. Digital Mobility Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., was formed. Immediately more investors expressed interest. Leasing giants LOLC Group resulting in their CIO joining the PickMe Board, while MAS Holdings and Hirdramani Group of Companies also came on board as investors subsequently.

  • June 2014 – an idea whose time had come
  • January 2015 – The first investors
  • April 2015 – Enrolment of first driver
  • June 2015 – The launch of the first version of the passenger app
  • September 2015 – Global recognition at the World Summit Awards 2015 for Inclusion and Empowerment
  • Jan 2016 – One Million Ride Requests
  • July 2016 – Won the Millionth Award, Smart Settlement & Urbanization
  • September 2016 – Ten Million Ride Requests
  • January 2017 – Cashless Payment launched
  • June 2017 – PickMe’s SOS feature aids rescue efforts
  • July 2017 – PickMe drivers receive Life Insurance Cover
  • August 2017 – PickMe VIP launched
  • December 2017 – PickMe uses local intelligence to introduce unique pricing structure

Our vision

To provide convenient and affordable transport to all Sri Lankans, with a view of making car ownership redundant.

The commitment to tackle such large logistics problems require translating our vision into a solution that works for all Sri Lankans.

We are sensitive to the need to expand our fleet of vehicles to meet increased demand, to provide seamless door-to-door transport that arrive within 10 minutes of request –island-wide, all while enhancing our customer experience.

This is the journey we have set for ourselves – and every ride request that we receive every minute of every day in this country is a stirring testament to the trust that we’ve earned from all stakeholders in such a short time.

Our Achievements

We couldn’t have known when the first user downloaded the PickMe app that she would be helping us herald in a new era in the Sri Lankan tech sector. That was June 2015. Today, two years later, we are among the country’s most celebrated success stories.

  • Attracted US $ 3 Million from venture capitalists, the highest among all start-ups in the country
  • Rs. 1 Billion in revenues and achieving profitability in a short period of time
  • Doubled growth every month for the first year of operations – the fastest growing local company in Sri Lanka
  • Grew from initial team of three to current head count of 180 – resulting in us moving to three different headquarters since inception


Our people do work that change lives

Proactive, optimistic yet pragmatic entrepreneurship is at the heart of PickMe’s work culture because these values led to – and continue to lead to – our ground-breaking technology.

PickMe’s work culture pulsates with excitement at the challenges posed to them. Our open office is a hive of collaboration where some of the smartest minds in tech debate and design alongside veteran transport logisticians, data scientists and, yes, drivers. The work of these men and women ensure that the PickMe platform reaches its fullest potential – not a mere ride-hailing app, but a community dedicated to solving the transport riddle for the benefit of all.

We are always looking for energetic professionals with fresh perspectives and a love for tackling the big issues. Scan through our current openings below. If you don’t find a suitable role but still want to work for us then email your resume to jobs@pickme.lk and we’ll get in touch should any interesting roles open up for you.

Our leadership team

PickMe possesses a versatile fraternity of vastly
experienced individuals as the Board of Directors.

Zulfer Jiffry FOUNDER and CEO PickMe

PickMe is the embodiment of Zulfer’s passionate belief; technology, harnessed well, can change lives for the better.

Zulfer’s background includes Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce platform (Wow.lk/Anything.lk), in which capacity he also served as a member of the organization’s Founding Management Team. Prior to this, his career saw rapid growth in the frontlines of software engineering – from coder to project manager to overseeing operations of whole engineering teams. Zulfer marries this extensive experience as a technology architect with an intimate understanding of the Sri Lankan consumer.

Ajit Gunewardene DEPUTY CHAIRMAN Blue Stone Capital

Among Sri Lanka’s most renowned business leaders, Ajit’s career at Sri Lanka’s leading blue-chip culminated in him being appointed Deputy Chairman at John Keells Holdings.

His leadership has been sought in the Tourism Advisory Committee (appointed by the Minister of Tourism Development) and the Steering Committee for the establishment of a National Science Centre in Sri Lanka (under the auspices of the Minister of Science, Technology and Research).

Ruchi Gunewardene MANAGING DIRECTOR Brand Finance and STING Consultants

A serial brand-builder, Ruchi has spent his professional career helping organizations envision a long-term view of their brands’ journeys. His systematic approach has allowed some of Sri Lanka’s most renowned brands reach AAA rating, which enabled them to generate overall value to their businesses.

He brings this experience to bear on PickMe, helping envision our corporate brand’s positioning, defining the corporate culture and visual identity.

Dinesh Rodrigo CEO Interblocks

Under Dinesh’s stewardship, Interblocks has become the country’s leading provider of electronic payment processing solutions. Interblocks’ payment processing technology, in turn, underpins the countless financial transactions taking place on the PickMe platform.


The winner of the 2016 CIO of the Year at the ICT Awards held by The Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL), Conrad heads the LOLC group’s technology department where his focus is to deliver technology-driven projects that drive value throughout the conglomerate. He also serves in the General Council of SLASSCOM, the industry-wide body that represents Sri Lanka’s IT and BPO sectors.


Tasnim’s career in finance has seen her serve at Asia Capital PLC and at Amba Research, the latter as a Senior Vice President where she oversaw the company’s Asian and European Asset Management arms.

Our Culture

How is going green the SMARTER, SAFER and FASTER way to commute?

PickMe is sensitive to the impact of any large-scale transport operations on the environment. It is why we are constantly studying the data generated on our platform to learn new insights into why congestions happen, for instance – and what we can do to help ease it.

Data scientists at PickMe continuously process a mine of local intelligence that enable PickMe Mission Control to direct drivers to regions of the city that most require it – this reduces the aimless driving around drivers resort to in order to find more hires.

Further, a pathbreaking new fee structure is helping commuters see ride-sharing as an affordable alternative to owning a vehicle. Once again, this reduces the need for vehicles with single passengers clogging the roads and polluting our cities – essentially, we believe the PickMe platform has made it affordable to choose the green option when commuting.

Our Operations

PickMe’s footprint currently spans the entirety of Colombo and its suburbs, as well as Negombo in the North, Kalutara in the South, and Kaduwela in the East. We also operate in Kandy with dedicated operational centre in the hill capital.

In keeping with our vision of solving transportation problems for Sri Lankans island-wide, we intend to expand our geographical coverage across the country.

Our fleet includes five classes of vehicles:

  • Tuks: Bajaj & TVS Three Wheelers
  • Nano: Tata Nano and older models of Suzuki Alto
  • Mini: Waggon R, Suzuki Flare Crossover, Suzuki Altos, Celerio, Dutson Ready-Go, Micro Panda
  • Cars: Prius, Axio, Grace, Honda Fit Shuttle
  • Vans: KDH, Commuter, HiAce
  • Luxury: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Cruiser, Prado, Kia Sorento, X-Trail

In addition, we offer custom-designed tour packages for those visiting our beautiful island.

Our Responsibilities


Though PickMe is barely three years old, we consider ourselves a mature corporate citizen. As such, our operating philosophy and governance frameworks don’t reflect typical start-ups.

Transparency is an important pillar of our operations. We’ve ensured that we comply to all government regulations pertaining to the transport sector, financial reporting, and we are a proud tax contributor.

Our board and workforce are reflections of Sri Lanka: we are diverse set of people representing the many different communities of the country.

Our Story

We spend our time doing things that make a difference: Doing things that matter...