About Us

PickMe is the official brand of Digital Mobility Solutions Lanka (PVT) Ltd., and envisions the intelligent upgrade of the local transportation industry; thus inspiring Sri Lanka towards effective problem solving via technology.

Shepherded by a versatile fraternity of vastly experienced individuals as the board of directors, PickMe's vision is to enable safer, more efficient and intelligent means of transport that we can all be proud of.

Our mission is to medicate one-by-one all the pain points of the local transport solutions by providing an integrated software solution to all stakeholders.

To do so, we have complemented our award-winning technology with an international standard training provided to our affiliated drivers and a thorough QC process that ensures we maintain endorsed service standards.

Board of Directors

Ajit Gunewardene

Ruchi Gunewardene

Dinesh Rodrigo

Conrad Dias

Jiffry Zulfer

Tasnim Salie

Our Story

We spend our time doing things that make a difference: Doing things that matter...