Clicking the SOS button will send an automatic panic message to your saved SOS contact.


Filter Taxi

Filter your search for a taxi by vehicle model, vehicle colour and languages the driver speaks etc. to personalize your ride.



The app is not only for instant bookings. When you don't need a taxi immediately but would be needing one in the future you could simply pre-book!

*Not applicable for TUKs.


Favorite Location

Saving your favorite pickup locations helps you book a taxi to any of your favorite locations without the hassle of having to type it in.


Ride Estimate

Enter your drop location and get an estimate of the cost.


ETA Sharing

Know how long your taxi will take to come to you.

Share your ride details with your friends and family and let them know how long you will be.


Drop Location

Entering your drop location when making the booking will generate a route map in the driver's PickMe device helping him navigate to your drop location without you having to give directions.

For hassle free instant bookings Download app

  • Instant access to any type of taxi.
  • Immediate booking of selected taxi.
  • GPRS based pickup location.
  • Booking taxis for trips & tours with package prices.
  • Metered fares & payment via card or cash.
  • Features like ETA, Ride Estimate, SOS and much more...

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