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Life at PickMe

“Young, aspiring talent is often lured towards big corporates and then that is the end of it. The few who find themselves unable to succumb to the madness of the masses release themselves to a world of opportunity.”

Jiffry Zulfer

“I Love the idea behind PickMe and the problems we are trying to solve. The team, starting from the CEO, are super supportive and despite being an undergrad right out of school, PickMe has recognized my skills and provided a nurturing environment for me to grow. The challenges we face everyday is always interesting and to be able to see the results of our work immediately is just awesome!”

Android Developer

“As a one year old start-up PickMe has grown rapidly and we keep working towards taking it to the next level. I believe our workforce is the key to our success. Hence, we are given many opportunities to grow with the company. Training and continuous appraisals are given to us to succeed in our career. The friendly culture and the fact that the management respects the ideas of the employees we feel motivated to do more. Apart from work, we also have so much fun together. I believe PickMe is one of the best places to work for in Sri Lanka!”

IOS Developer

“At PickMe I am able to actually see the immediate results of my hard work and enjoy the satisfaction it brings, it is very encouraging.”

Quality Assurance Engineer

“PickMe was a right choice. I love problem solving and there're a lot of problems to solve at PickMe may it be business, strategic, geo data, financial (esp. with card payments), etc. This exposed me to a lot of knowledge and experience and it all came with quite a bit of freedom which was something I very much needed in order to produce great work.”

Back-end Developer- GoLang

“We work with a lot of technology, and our team is such that we help each other with any technical difficulty we may have. Everyone benefits, and all you have to do to learn something is just ask. Open atmosphere. Give and Take.”

Windows Developer